Natural Pest Control

Safe for families. Great for yards.


Plant Health Care

Fertilizer is a vital part of keeping your lawn looking its best and remaining healthy. Just like humans, plants need nutrients to grow and survive. At All Natural Pest and Plant Solutions, we use an organic fertilizer to bring vital nutrients to lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers.
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Tick and Flea Guard

We know how pesky ticks and fleas can be. We also know how important it is to protect your family from chemicals. Our tick and flea guard is an All Natural concentrate that will repel and kill fleas and ticks while staying environmentally friendly and staying free of synthetic chemicals. Our process starts by treating the perimeter of your property, lawn areas, playgrounds and garden beds. This application is recommended at least once a month.
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Mosquito Guard

Our All Natural concentrate repels and kills mosquitoes without harming you, your family or your property. In fact, our all natural solution makes life easier by eliminating these unwanted pests in a safe way. We start by treating the perimeter of your property with a focus on areas where mosquitoes tend to be. We also target damp and shady areas. This application is recommended every 14 days.
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Winter Guard

Have you noticed sometimes during the winter your trees and plants die? This could be because of winter burn. This usually happens with the soil freezes and wind blowing, drawing moisture from the trees. Your plants can be severely damaged if left unprotected. Our winter guard service, is the perfect preventative service for shrubs to keep them from dry-out and winter burn. (anti transpiration)
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Deer Guard

Our Deer Guard treatment is a granular or liquid application that is applied around the perimeter of your home. We specifically target plants and flowers because we have discovered that when deer are very hungry, it can be difficult to repel them. The products we use are "Deer Scram" and "Deer B Gone". Application recommended once a month.
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Boxwood Blight Guard

Have you heard of Boxwood Blight? Boxwood Blight is a wide spread fungal disease. The disease causes black spots to form on leaves, along with elongated black lesions on twigs and stems. Once introduced to a landscape, boxwood blight is very difficult to control. Currently, there is no known cure. Fungicides help prevent the spread of the disease and suppresses existing conditions. Application recommended once a month.
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Horticultural Oil Application

This treatment is a biological measure to control insects and their eggs by coating and suffocating them.
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Foundation Guard

We treat the foundation area for common household insects including ants, fleas, ticks, stink bugs, spiders, etc.

We also closely inspect sofits and eavs for webs and nesting insects. Treatment applied where necessary. Application is recommended 4 times a year (one every three months).
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